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A n a t o m y   o f   A n x i e t y

A n a t o m y   o f   A n x i e t y

knitted textiles collection


This collection investigates the way in which the mind influences the body with a focus on Generalised Anxiety Disorder and its only visible symptom, muscle tension. Inspired by the work of several artists, like the Surrealist Hans Bellmer and the contemporary photographer Eric Marrian, the body is transformed into an abstract entity: skin becomes just a material that produces shapes and textures through folds and shadows. These forms are carefully explored and then translated on the knitted fabric. The concept of contraction and relaxation is reproduced through the use of elastic yarns and stitches, creating textiles that mimic muscle behavior.

© Rosalba Fucci, Royal College of Art, 2018

references 1 Muscular tension photographs 2 The Weeping Woman by Pablo Picasso (1937) 3 Little Anatomy of the Physical Unconscious by Hans Bellmer (1957) 4 Helen Lawrence knitwear (2016) 5 Lithographies collection by Hans Bellmer (1902–1975)

6 James Leslie Daniels by George Platt Lynes (1937) 7 Carré Blanc series by Eric Marrian (2006)

image manipulation of the lithography “Le Chapeau-main“ by Hans Bellmer (1947)

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