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U r b a n   F a b r i c

U r b a n   F a b r i c

Frankfurt Style Award 2017 winner

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Urban Fabric chooses knitwear as

the tool to narrate the fascinating

American metropolitan lifestyle

and its natural tendency to create

connections: beetween cities,

beetween people, beetween ideas.

References from the past, taken from

the eclectic Art Decó architectural

elements, are mixed with modern

patterns such as the New York city’s

street map, generating colorful and

intricate motifs. Style and comfort

come together in the handmade

knitted garments, whose contrasts in

lines and volumes, tall silhouettes

and overlapping geometries are

brought to life thanks to the very

well-studied Missoni inspired colour


© Rosalba Fucci, Politecnico di Milano, 2017

project credits:

photography Yanpeng Mi - video Zihao Fan - models Meghane de Crook, Alessandro Marchetto, Antonella Marconi - set design Cristiano Rizzo 

make-up Rocco Santamorena - hair stylist Vincenzo D’Audino - location Atomic Bar, Milan - yarns Lanificio dell’Olivo spa, Missoni spa

team Arman Avetikyan, Carlotta Bellissimo, Beatrice Casalini, Olimpia Macrì, Giorgia Medici

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