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B o r n   T o   B e   F r e  e 

Pitti Filati '81
Collection Lineup

B o r n   T o   B e   F r e e 

Loro Piana Knit-Game 2017 winner

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The Knit-Game is an international student contest in which the spinner Loro Piana asks participants to challenge the potential of the company’s most iconic yarns. Responding to the brief “Born to be free”, this knitted textiles collection drew inspiration from apparently distant characters: the Tuscan Buttero, an errant sheperd considered the italian version of the cowboy, the english Bikers from the 70s crew Club 59, and the action-painting artists Zao Wou Ki and Jackson Pollock. This heterogeneous mix is actually able to reflect the different facets of the word “freedom”, achieving the right balance between liberty and control, rebellion and elegance, and providing the right visual stimuli to translate all of this into fabric design.  

© Rosalba Fucci, Politecnico di Milano, 2017

Colour and yarn palette

l o o k   2

p a i n t   d r o p   d r e s s 

Look 1

project credits:

yarns Loro Piana Spa - team Martina Micheli - editorial photography Arianna Genghini - models Xenia Obuhova Bianca Burini - make-up Sofia Micheli

location Val d’Astino, Bergamo, Italy

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