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T e c h   C h e c k


T e c h   C h e c k

performance knit fabric


Born as a collaboration between the spinner Zegna Baruffa and the Royal College of Art, this project invited students to design a knitted fabric destined for outerwear use, taking advantage of the unique characteristics of the company’s famous performance yarns. Tech-checks reinterprets the heritage English woven checks: in this innovative tactile surface, the soft and breathable K-Wool is cleverly inlayed with the water repellent Cashwool Teflon, which not only brings the pattern together visually but is also able to create a barrier that stops water and dirt from penetrating the textile surface. 

© Rosalba Fucci, Royal College of Art, 2019

project credits:

sponsors Royal College of Art, Zegna Baruffa - yarns Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia Spa - team Loy Chan, Nicci James, Giulia Lombardi

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