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"Self-professed 'knit nerd' Rosa’s interests span fashion and knitted textiles, leading her to often question 'Why isn’t everything knitted?!'."

July 20, 2021

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"Why can’t the wearer reshape, modify, and generally engage with the garment instead of passively adapt to it? 

Why can’t clothes be marked by the body who wears them instead of always being the ones leaving marks?"

June, 2021

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"The collective work of the RCA 2021 students is remarkable. They have managed to achieve a body of work, in times of untold hardships, that engages, intrigues and inspires."

Selection by Peter Russell-Clarke

July, 2021

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"Her use of CAD in the initial concept / structure placement / colour research was strong, which met the brief requirements. The focus on sustainability throughout was clear, she had clearly thought about which fibres would be best and had been considering how to knit garments to adapt with time."

March 5, 2021

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"The students’ project stood out by virtue of its superb creative interpretation combined with great credibility, all enhanced by the techniques, yarns and various materials they used, including recycled and environmentally friendly resources."

June, 2017

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