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K n i t - a - m o r p h o s i s

K n i t - a - m o r p h o s i s

MA graduation project


This knitwear collection is composed of one-of-a-kind pieces that can be worn as they are but, through an interaction with the wearer, can also irreversibly change in colour, shape, and volume, becoming more complex and exciting to wear. This is possible thanks to an innovative combination of knitting structures that informs the construction and silhouette of the garments directly and fully on the knitting machine and makes the fabric interactive, transformable, and customisable. Through a process of self-liberation of the wearer, these pieces develop taking up more space, in response to a body that asks for more awareness to the clothes it is put in relation with. 

© Rosalba Fucci, Royal College of Art, 2021

B L O O M   D r e s s

 S P R E A D   T o p   +   F L A R E   S k i r t 

C U R V E   T o p   +   R I P P L E   P a n t s 

S W E L L   T o p   +   S W I N G   S k i r t 

F A N   D r e s s

project credits:

photography Arianna Genghini - camera & light Davide Carlini - model Cielo Fiordi - make-up & hair Sabrina Trentini 

digital knitting Shima Seiki Italy, Loop Studio London - yarns Loro Piana, Copley Marshall

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